About Us

The Scholastic Performance Network (SPiN) is the first online video hosting site created specifically for video recordings of school related music performances. Schools and music education associations can legally upload fully licensed video performances with ease and complete peace of mind. Friends, family members, and fans are now able to enjoy their students' performances as often as they like.

To date, the majority of student performances (band, orchestra, choir, chorus, jazz band, a cappella, etc.) are either not being filmed, are being professionally filmed and distributed without licenses, or are being filmed and shared by parents without licenses. Schools and state music education associations alike are frustrated by the prohibitive cost of obtaining synch licenses, and they are increasingly frightened by the fear of likely litigation in the absence of those licenses. Parents and performers are frustrated because they want to watch and share videos of their performances. Music rights holders are frustrated because none of the scenarios currently in place rightfully compensates the songwriters (which is required by U.S. Copyright Law).

We have worked tirelessly to eliminate all of these frustrations. The current system is simply not working, so we set out to create a new system that would meet the needs of all parties involved. It is to that end that we proudly bring you The SPiN Network.

The Scholastic Performance Network


Subscribers (Parents/Family/Students) pay $25 per year for a subscription to be able to watch the videos - regardless of whether their school has a channel or not. In the past, DVDs have typically been sold for certain individual performances. Now families (living in the same home) can purchase a one-year subscription which allows them access to their child’s performance(s) at a fraction of the cost of individual DVDs.

The Process

After content is filmed (whether by a representative of the organization or by a professional videographer or production company) there is an uploading process for each individual ensemble where their repertoire is listed and cleared (by the publishers). Once the songs are cleared, the video is available for viewing by subscribers.

Educational Benefits

Schools and MEA’s that purchase a channel are provided with administration accounts for the ensemble directors and the heads of musical divisions at the MEA’s (head of choral, head of band, etc.). These accounts allow ensemble directors to be able to login and use the videos for instructional use in the classroom.


Until now, there has been an undeniable sense of uncertainty, confusion, and frustration around video and educational musical performances. Schools and music education associations have a unique opportunity and responsibility to lead the way in bringing an end to the widespread copyright infringement issues that are so prevalent in music education today. Music educators can, and should be, free from the worry of licensing legality issues or the burden these licenses can place on their budgets. Parents and students should be able to enjoy their performances as often as they like. Rights holders can and should be fairly compensated for their work.

We are proud to offer The Scholastic Performance Network (SPiN) as the very best solution to today’s educational performance video licensing needs.