About Us

The Scholastic Performance Network (SPiN) is the first fully licensed video site created specifically for school-related music performances. Now schools and music education associations are able to film and upload videos of their music performances with complete peace of mind knowing their videos are copyright compliant. Subscribers are able to view the videos and enjoy these performances as often as they would like.

The History

To date, the majority of student performances (band, orchestra, choir, chorus, jazz band, a cappella, etc.) are either not being filmed, are being professionally filmed and distributed without sync licenses, or are being filmed and shared by parents without sync licenses. Schools and state music education associations alike are frustrated by the prohibitive cost of obtaining sync licenses, and they are increasingly frightened by the fear of possible litigation in the absence of those licenses. Directors are frustrated because they need the videos to use as teaching tools. Parents and student performers are frustrated because they want to watch and share videos of their performances. Music rights holders are frustrated because none of the scenarios currently in place rightfully compensates the songwriters (which is required by U.S. Copyright Law).

The Scholastic Performance Network


We are proud to offer The Scholastic Performance Network (SPiN) as the very best solution to today’s educational performance video licensing needs. Schools and organizations are happy as they are free to record and upload videos of their performances without fear of copyright issues. Directors are happy because they have a safe place to house all of their program’s now fully licensed video archives which they can continually use to help teach and enrich their students. Students, families, and fans are happy because they can once again watch videos of all of their performances, and rightsholders are happy because they are being compensated for the use of their music. SPiN is the solution for all.

For questions, please visit our FAQs or feel free to email us at info@TheSpinNetwork.com for more information.